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The Durotriges tribal capital was Dorchester, Dorset. Their territory encompassed Dorset, South Wiltshire, South Somerset and Devon. They had no pre-Roman tribal centre, but there was a mint at Hengistbury Head. The tribe was made up of fiercely independent baronies rather than a unified state. This resulted in an unusual density of powerful hillforts. The Durotriges were numbered among the few tribes of Celtic Britain who issued coinage, although unfortunately, none of the coins associated with the tribe bear inscriptions. Sadly, this means that we are left with no record of the names of any of the Dumnonian nobility.

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Durotriges 'Bradbury Rings' Celtic Silver Stater 016715

Durotriges 'Bradbury Rings' Celtic Silver Stater
Silver, 4.13 grams, 19.14 mm. Uninscribed Series; circa 50 BC. Obverse: Durotrigian wreath with upwards facing leaves. Reverse: disjointed horse left with large pellets above with surrounding arc of ringed-pellets, 'coffee bean' behind, large pellet below, above zigzag exergual decoration. Reference: ABC 2163; VA. 1246; BMC 2647, 2661, 2727-31; Ev. F2; Al. -; M. 317; S. -. Extremely fine in good quality silver. Provenance: ex Isle of Wight Hoard.

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Durotriges 'Bradbury Rings' Celtic Silver Stater 016715

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