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Edward VI, Philip & Mary coins
Edward VI (1547 - 1553 AD)
Edward came to the throne after the death of his father, Henry VIII, at the age of nine. He was the first Protestant English king and introduced wholesale reforms of the official religion including holding services in English using the Book of Common Prayer. Being a minor, his affairs were conducted by a panel of regents drawn from among his family and the aristocracy. He continued the religious reforms begun by his father, and promoted the new religious climate despite considerable opposition.

His reign lasted less than six years and he never reached maturity; the cause of death was tuberculosis which caused difficulty in drawing breath as well as fits of coughing. He nominated his cousin, Lady Jane Grey, as his successor but she was executed after a few days of rule.

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Edward VI 'Southwark' Unique Overstrike Shilling 026741

Unpublished Edward VI 'Southwark' Unique Overstrike Shilling
Silver, 5.18 grams, 31.54 mm. Dated MDL (1550), second period, bust 5? Obverse: profile bust right with partly obscured [E]DWAR[D VI D]G AGL FRANC[ ]REX legend and 'Y?' mintmark for Southwark? mint with some letters of undertype visible (see image). Reverse: cross moline over arms with initials N and R at sides (should be E R for Edwardvs Rex) with partly obscured [TIM]OR[ ]DOMINE FON[( ] M D L legend; undertype of short voided cross with lis ends clearly showing through at centre (rotated at 45 degrees to shilling die strike, see image). The lis ended voided cross (sometimes floriate cross) is a reverse type device most often associated with the coins of France during this period. It is possible that the Edward VI shilling dies are those of a skilled contemporary forger (brass forgeries are well known in Ireland and other forgeries exist) as the incorrect initial N for E to the left side of the reverse arms is not known for any official die; Joe Bispham in his detailed study of the debased issues, The Base Shillings of Edward VI, BNJ 55, 1985, pages does not make any reference to a reverse die with this apparent error. S. 2466; N. 1918/2. Fine for issue. Unique, fascinating and important; further research needed and worthy of publication in a numismatic journal.

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Edward VI 'Southwark' Unique Overstrike Shilling 026741

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