Fausta (Died AD 326)

Fausta Flavia Maxima Roman Empress 289-326 AD. She was the daughter of the Roman Emperor Maximianus. To seal the alliance between them for control of the Tetrarchy, Maximianus married her to Constantine I in 307. Fausta had a part in her father's downfall. In 310 Maximian died as a consequence of an assassination plot against Constantine. Maximian decided to involve his daughter Fausta, but she revealed the plot to her husband, and the assassination was disrupted. Maximian died, by suicide or by assassination, in July of that same year. Empress Fausta was held in high esteem by Constantine and proof of his favour was that in 323 she was proclaimed Augusta; previously she held the title of Nobilissima Femina. However 3 years later Fausta was put to death by Constantine. Although the real reasons are not clear, Constantine put her to death following the execution of Crispus, his eldest son by Minervina, in 326. According to some sources, she had accused Crispus of rape, and Constantine had Crispus executed. Fausta was later executed by suffocation in an over-heated bath, when her charge was discovered to be false.

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Fausta 'Empress with Infants' AE Follis 020124

Fausta 'Empress with Infants' AE Follis
Bronze, 2.91 grams, 21.37 mm. Trier. 326 AD. Obverse: FLAV MAX-FAVSTA AVG, draped bust right. Reverse: SALVS REI-PVBLICAE, empress standing facing, looking left, head veiled, holding two children in her arms; mintmark STR dot in crescent in exergue. RIC VII Trier 483; Sear 3905. Extremely fine 'as struck'.

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Fausta 'Empress with Infants' AE Follis 020124

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