Flavius Victor (387 - 388 AD)

Flavius Victor was the child son of Magnus Maximus by his wife Elen, allegedly the daughter of Octavius. He was proclaimed an Augustus from 384 to his death in 388. Victor's father was considered an usurper of the Western Roman Empire. He negotiated receiving recognition by the legitimate Augusti Valentinian II and Theodosius I and, when these negotiations failed, pressed the matter by proclaiming his son an Augustus, indicating an attempt to secure a succession. This method had been used by former Emperor Valentinian I who declared his son and heir Gratian an Augustus in 367 and by Theodosius who had declared his own son and heir Arcadius an Augustus in 383. Maximus and Victor gained recognition of their legitimacy for their co-reign by Theodosius in 386. In 387, Maximus campaigned in Italy against Valentinian II. Victor was left behind in Trier. His father defeated Valentinian but failed against a then hostile Theodosius in 388. Theodosius sent Arbogastes to Trier to slay Victor. Victor's death left Valentinian II, Theodosius and Arcadius as the sole Augusti in the Empire.

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Flavius Victor 'Roma' Siliqua 009311

Scarce Flavius Victor 'Roma' Siliqua
Silver, 0.72 grams, 12.32 mm. Milan. 387-388 AD. Obverse: DN FL VIC-TOR PF AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: VIRTVS RO-MANORVM, Roma seated facing on throne, head left, left leg bare, holding globe and inverted spear. Mintmark MDPS in exergue. RIC IX Milan 19b; Sear 4210; RSC 6Ac. Fine.

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Flavius Victor 'Roma' Siliqua 009311

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