Galeria Valeria (Died AD 315)

Galeria Valeria was the daughter of Roman Emperor Diocletian and wife of his co-emperor Galerius. Born as Valeria to Diocletian and Prisca, she married Galerius in 293, when her father elected him co-emperor. This marriage, clearly organized to strengthen the bonds between the two emperors, requested that Galerius divorced his first wife, Valeria Maximilla. Galeria was raised to the title of Augusta and Mater Castrorum in November 308. Since she gave no child to Galerius, Galeria adopted her husband's illegittimate son, Candidianus, as her own.

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Galeria Valeria 'Venus' AE Follis 012331

Galeria Valeria 'Venus' AE Follis
Bronze, 6.76 grams; 27.13 mm. Cyzicus. 309-310 AD. Obverse: GAL VAL-ERIA AVG, draped and diademed bust right. Reverse: VENERI V-ICTRICI, Venus standing facing, head left, holding up apple in right hand and raising drapery over left shoulder with left hand. Delta in left field, star in right field, mintmark MKV in exergue. RIC VI Cyzicus 58; Sear 3730-3731. Good fine.

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Galeria Valeria 'Venus' AE Follis 012331

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