Galerius Maximian (AD 305 - AD 311)

Galerius was born near Serdica, Thrace. He originally followed his father's occupation, that of a herdsman, where he got his surname of Armentarius (Latin: armentum, herd). He served with distinction as a soldier under Emperors Aurelian and Probus, and in 293 at the establishment of the Tetrarchy, was designated Caesar along with Constantius Chlorus, receiving in marriage Diocletian's daughter Valeria (later known as Galeria Valeria), and at the same time being entrusted with the care of the Illyrian provinces. Soon after his appointment, Galerius would be dispatched to Egypt to fight the rebellious cities Busiris and Coptos.

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Galerius 'Genius of the Emperor' AE Follis 020211

Galerius 'Genius of the Emperor' AE Follis
Bronze, 5.81 grams, 24.62 mm. Heraclea. 310 AD. Obverse: IMP C GAL VAL MAXIMIANVS PF AVG, laureate head right. Reverse: GENIO IMP-E-RATORIS, Genius standing left, modius on head, naked except for chlamys over left shoulder (falls low), holding patera from which liquid flows, and cornucopiae, star in left field, mintmark HTA in exergue. RIC VI Heraclea 48a; cf Sear 3719. Extremely fine.

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Galerius 'Genius of the Emperor' AE Follis 020211
Galerius Maximian 01

Galerius Maximian 'Moneta' Follis
Bronze, 8.61 grams; 27.99 mm. Rome, 303-305 A.D. Obverse: MAXIMIANVS NOB CAES. Laureate head right. Reverse: SAC. MON. VRB. AVGG. ET. CAESS. NN. Moneta standing left, RQ in exergue. RIC VI Rome 112b. Good very fine.

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Galerius Maximian 01

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