Gnaeus Pompeius Junior (Elder son of Pompey the Great Imperator, executed 45 BC)

After the murder of their father, Gnaeus and his brother, Sextus, joined the resistance against Caesar in the Africa Province. Together with Metellus Scipio, Cato the Younger and other senators, they prepared to oppose Caesar and his army to the end. Caesar defeated Metellus Scipio and Cato, who subsequently committed suicide, at the Battle of Thapsus in 46 BC. Gnaeus escaped once again, this time to the Balearic Islands, where he joined Sextus. Together with Titus Labienus, former general in Caesar's army, the Pompey brothers crossed over to the Spanish provinces, where they raised yet another army. Caesar soon followed and, on March 17, 45 BC, the armies met at Munda. Both armies were large and led by able generals. The battle was closely fought, but eventually a cavalry charge by Caesar turned events to his side. In the battle and the panicked escape that followed, Titus Labienus and an estimated 30,000 men of the Pompeian side died. Gnaeus and Sextus managed to escape once again. However, this time supporters were difficult to find because it was by now clear Caesar had won the Civil War. Within a few weeks, Gnaeus Pompeius was caught and executed for treason. Sextus Pompeius was able to keep one step ahead of his enemies, and survived his older brother for a number of years. His wife was Claudia Pulchra, sister to Claudia, first wife of Junius Brutus.

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Gnaeus Pompeius Junior 007458

Very Rare Gnaeus Pompeius Junior 'Hispania' Denarius
Silver, 3.45 grams, 18.56 mm. Corduba 46 - 45 BC. Obverse: M POBLICI LEG PRO P R; helmeted head of Roman right. Reverse: C N MAGNVS IMP; Hispania presenting palm branch to Pompeian soldier standing left on prow of galley. RRC 469/1a; CRI 48; BMCRR Spain 79; RSC 1; RCV 1384. Good fine/very fine for issue.

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Gnaeus Pompeius Junior 007458

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