Graeco-Roman 'Male Bust' Stone Mould 019722

Graeco-Roman 'Male Bust' Stone Mould 019722
Graeco-Roman 'Male Bust' Stone Mould
Stone, 4.24 grams, 21.11mm. Eastern Empire, circa 100 BC - 300 AD. A discoid stone mould bearing the incised design of a youthful male bust with bristling hair from the brow to the nape of the neck, and flowing from there. The man is clean-shaven and wears a band at his throat. The style of execution is realistic, in the Hellenistic tradition. Reference: discussion in Burn, L. Hellenistic Art: From Alexander The Great To Augustus, Los Angeles, 2005. Good very fine condition. Provenance: from an old London collection, formed in the 1950's. [Accompanied by a hand written scholorly note by Professor Lambert of Birmingham University [Specialisms - Oriental studies: Assyrian. Appointments: Associate Professor and Chair of Oriental Seminary, Johns Hopkins University 1959-64; Professor of Assyriology, University of Birmingham 1970-93. Principal publications: Babylonian wisdom literature 1960, joint author Atra-hasis; The Babylonian story of the flood, 1969; The qualifications of Babylonian diviners, Festschrift für Rykle Borger 1998. Elected to the Fellowship 1971].


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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