Herennius Etruscus (AD 251)

Herennius Etruscus was born in Pannonia sometime between AD 220 and AD 230, and was thus old enough for military service during his father's reign. Judging by his boyish portrait on extant coins, his brother Hostilian was considerably younger. He remained in Rome with his mother, where they presumably sought to ensure senatorial and popular loyalty to the regime. Whatever the difference in the brothers’ ages , in the year AD 250 they were officially appointed Caesars. The title "Prince of the Youth" (princeps iuventutis) may have initially distinguished the elder son, but by AD 251 Hostilian was accorded the same titular dignity. Nevertheless, Herennius clearly overshadowed his younger brother. By the end of his reign, he had elevated his son to the rank of Augustus, a distinction which Hostilian never enjoyed while his father and brother lived.

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Herennius Etruscus 'Moesia' Sestertius 018066

Herennius Etruscus 'Moesia' Sestertius
Bronze, 13.32 grams, 27.59mm. Viminacium, Moesia. 251 AD. Obverse: Q HER ETR MES DECIVS NOB, bare headed, cuirassed bust right, seen from the back. Reverse: PMS C-OL VIM, Moesia standing facing, head left, arms outstretched over a lion and a bull. Year mark AN XII in exergue. Pick 141; Martin 3.41.3; BMC 33; cf SGI 4261 (obv. legend). Fine/almost very fine.

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Herennius Etruscus 'Moesia' Sestertius 018066

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