Chancay - Huacho Antiquities For Sale (800 - 1200 AD)

Huacho was the capital city of the Pre-Inca Lima Region. The remains of the first Andean inhabitants, hunters and harpoon fishermen from about A.D. 1100, are to be found in the Lima region. These remains were found in Chivateros, near the Chillón River, and in various other places including Huacho. These people incorporated nets, hooks, farming, ceramics and weaving to their everyday objects. The inhabitants of the coast lived in the lomas and the valleys forming temples and dwelling complexes, that gave origin to huge ceremonial centres such as the Huacoy on the Chillón river; Garagay and La Florida on the Rímach river, Manchay on the Lurín river; and Chancay, Supe and many other valleys to the north and south. There are finely ornamented temples with figures modelled in clay. The Lima Culture saw its origins in this area, especially on the central valleys from Chancay to Lurín, with painted adobe buildings. During this time, the Huacho conquest took place, thus giving rise to Huacho style ceramics, together with a local style known as Nievería. The population grew and their culture changed. With the decline of Huari, whose most important centre was Cajamarquilla, were born new local cultures, Chancay being the most known of them. They developed enormous urban centres and a considerable textile production as well as mass-produced ceramics.

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PY 002673

Ancient Huacho 'Stair Way to Heaven' Vase
Clay, 470 grams, 238.61 mm. Circa 1100 A.D. Orange clay with stairway to heaven decoration, circular border surrounding the handle. Looped handle, with spout protruding from the top. Crack around one pipe, otherwise undamaged and in Very Fine condition. From a famous London collector. SOLD

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PY 002673

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