Huari Antiquities For Sale (600 - 1100 AD)

The Wari (Spanish Huari) was a Middle Horizon civilization that flourished in the Andes in the south of modern-day Peru. The capital city of the same name is located near the modern city of Ayacucho. This city was the center of a civilization that covered much of the highlands and coast of modern Peru. Early on, their territory expanded to include the ancient oracle center of Pachacamac, though it seems to have remained largely autonomous. Then later it expanded to include much of the territory of the earlier Moche and later Chimu cultures. The best-preserved remnants of the Huari Culture exist near the town of Quinua at the Wari Ruins. The Wari development of terraced field technology and investment in a major road network appear to have provided a significant legacy for the Incas when they began to expand several centuries later.

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Lambayeque-Huari 'Anthropomorphic Dog' Vessel 010675

Ancient Lambayeque-Huari 'Anthropomorphic Dog' Vessel
Pottery, 22.5 cm x 13.75 cm [9 x 5.5 inches]. Transitional vessel from the Lambayeque to the Huari with polychrome pigments. Contrasting smoky white with dark grey are used to enhance the features of this portrayal. Fanged face with a ferocious look, round standing ears and relief facial structure. The tongue is out, which indicates a blood sucking character on the beast. Restored from fragments.

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Lambayeque-Huari 'Anthropomorphic Dog' Vessel 010675

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