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The Iceni were centered in Norfolk, but also occupied parts of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire after the revolt under Boudicca. Their capital was Venta Icenorvm, a small walled town, disadvantaged by not being sited on a river, and located in Caister St. Edmund, Norfolk. The Iceni operated a monarchic society, and their territory was separated from the Coritani tribal lands in the west by uninhabited fenland. Coin legends were introduced around the beginning of the millennia. The continuation of the coinage after the invasion by Rome is attested by the coins of King Prasutagus.

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Iron Age Iceni ‘Corn Ear Quatrefoil’ Celtic Silver Half Unit 022247

Extremely Rare Iron Age Iceni ‘Corn Ear Quatrefoil’ Celtic Silver Half Unit
Silver, 0.38 grams, 10.39 mm. Extremely rare Corn Ear Quatrefoil type. Circa 50 - 30 BC. Obverse: four petals around central pellet in ring, two containing short corn ear. Reverse: horse left, solid head, dashes for mane, pellet triad above, pellet below. This coin is listed in the UK Finds Database UKDFD Ref. No. – 8159, Celtic Coin Index Registration Number: CCI 07-0509, UKDFD has the following notation: Dr. Philip de Jersey comments: "It's quite a rare type: we have records of only ten of them here. The type - which seems to be a half-unit, usually weighing about 0.45g - was first recorded from Saham Toney in the mid-1970s, and the few finds since then have been scattered from Horncastle in Lincs down to Baylham in Suffolk. It can presumably be attributed to the Iceni, although the obverse is in a rather unusual style for their coinage. It's not listed in Van Arsdell's 'Celtic Coinage of Britain', but there are a couple of examples in the British Museum (BMC 3256-57 in 'British Iron Age coins in the BM'). It is probably quite an early type, say c.50 - 30 BC, but it's difficult to be any more precise than that.". References: Chris Rudd 63.44, VA-, BMC 3256-57, Ev.-, M-, Ch. 440, S 401. Good very fine. Found near Thetford, Norfolk, UK, 2007.

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Iron Age Iceni ‘Corn Ear Quatrefoil’ Celtic Silver Half Unit 022247

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