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These coins came principally from two tribes in northern Gaul, the Ambiani and Suessiones. There was a close cross-Channel relationship and these coins probably had functions including payments for military service or mercenaries; exchanges between the elite of society; and in cementing alliances.

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Ambiani 'Somme Valley Type' AE Unit 013480

Excessively Rare Ambiani 'Somme Valley Type' AE Unit
Copper-alloy, 2.62 grams, 15.18 mm. Late first century BC. Obverse: two opposed boars with symbols. Reverse: horse right with symbols. Celtic Coin Index Registration Number at Oxford University: CCI 09.3085. Scheers Series 87, Class 1; Delestree & Tache 464 AE. Rare; only five listed by Scheers in 1977 and near extremely fine with good surfaces and pleasing patina.

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Ambiani 'Somme Valley Type' AE Unit 013480

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