Iron Age 'Three Looped' Terret Ring 010809

Iron Age 'Three Looped' Terret Ring 010809
Very Large Celtic Iron Age 'Three Looped' Terret Ring
Bronze, 115 grams; 92.36 mm. Circa 1st century BC.- 1st century AD. Large terret ring with complete guide ring and yoke connection loop. The large guide ring is flanked by two smaller loops with an outward slopping skirt that over hangs the yoke connection on both sides. There would have been four terrets on the yoke guiding the reigns for individual horses, occasionally there was a fifth much larger ring on a central pole but there use is not yet known. Due to the size of this example it is most likely to be one of the fifth ring types. Ref: similar to Benets Artefacts of England and the United Kingdom; page 92. Interesting strap wear to one side of the ring. Scarce and in very fine condition. Found East Anglia.

This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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