Continental Jettons

In English a reckoning counter. Also Jeton (French) & Rechen-pfenning (German). A coin-like object used in the calculation of accounts. Jettons are known from England, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain & probably other countries. Originally "jettons" would have been pebbles or pieces of pottery (the word calculate derives from Calx - pebble). The first specially struck jettons seem to be French mid 13th century.

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France 'Arms and Cross' Jeton 022242

Extremely Rare France 'Arms and Cross' Jeton
Bronze, 3.54 grams, 21.74 mm. 15th century AD. Obverse: French arms with +IERXRMINAVENENSTOTOE blundered legend. Reverse: voided cross fleury with Vs in angles within quatrefoil with triangles and trefoils in outer spandrels. M. -; RSP -. Good very fine. Not listed in the standard works for this legend or reverse symbols.

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France 'Arms and Cross' Jeton 022242

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