Julia Flavia Titii (Died 91 AD)

The only child of the Emperor Titus and his second wife, the well-connected Marcia Furnilla, Julia was also known as Flavia Julia, Julia Flavia, Flavia Julia Titii, Titii Julia and Julia Titii. Her father, who divorced her mother not long after the child’s birth, offered the young Julia in marriage to his brother, Domitian; but Domitian declined because he was infatuated with Domitia Longina. Julia later married her second cousin, Titus Flavius Sabinus, (consul 82 A.D.), but by then Domitian had seduced her. When her father and husband died, in the words of Dio 67.3: “Domitian lived with her as husband with wife, making little effort at concealment. Then, upon the demands of the people, he became reconciled with Domitia Longina, but continued his relations with Julia none the less.” The earlier coins belong to the reign of Titus and were probably produced on the occasion of Julia's evaluation to the rank of Augusta. Her later coins were struck under Domitian.

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Julia Flavia Titii 007480

Unpublished Julia Flavia Titii 'Double Headed' Denarius
Silver, 2.74 grams;, 17.27 mm. Probably Rome. AD 79 - 80. Obverse: JVLIA AVGVSTA TITI AVGVSTI F; bust of Julia Titia facing right. Reverse: IMP. CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG; laureate bust of Vespasian facing right. UNLISTED VARIETY, NOT IN RIC; RSC; RCV; or BMCRE. Fine/good fine. Excessively rare and unpublished, possibly unique. This coin appears to have been struck by two obverse dies as a dynastic issue to show a direct link to Vespasian.

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Julia Flavia Titii 007480

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