Julia Soaemias Bassiana (180 - March 11, AD 222)

Julia Soaemias was mother to Elagabalus and the daughter of Julia Maesa. In AD 217 her cousin, Emperor Caracalla, was killed and Macrinus ascended to the imperial throne. Julia's family was allowed to return to Syria with the whole of their financial assets. But they would not allow the usurper to stand unopposed. Together with her mother, Julia plotted to substitute Macrinus with her son Elagabalus. To legitimise this plot, Julia and her mother spread the rumour that the thirteen-year-old boy was Caracalla's illegitimate son. In AD 218 Macrinus was killed and Bassianus became emperor with the name of Elagabalus. Julia Soaemias and Elagabalus were killed by the Praetorian Guard in AD 222. Julia was later declared a public enemy and her name erased from all records.

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Julia Soaemias 'Juno' Silver Denarius 024170

Julia Soaemias 'Juno' Silver Denarius
Silver, 2.15 grams, 21.18 mm. Rome. 220 AD. Obverse: IVLIA SOAEMIAS AVGVSTA, draped bust right. Reverse: IVNO REGINA, Juno standing right, holding sceptre and palladium. RIC 237; RSC 3; Sear 7718. Good very fine/good fine.

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Julia Soaemias 'Juno' Silver Denarius 024170

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