Lucilla 'Vesta' Sestertius 027899

Lucilla 'Vesta' Sestertius 027899
Rare Lucilla 'Vesta' Sestertius
Bronze, 27.73 grams, 31.78 mm. Rome. AD 164-169. Obverse: LVCILLAE AVG ANTONINI AVG F, draped bust right. Reverse: VESTA S-C, Vesta standing left by altar, holding simpulum and Palladium. RIC 1779 corr., Cohen 94; BMC 1178; Sear 5510. (RIC omits the E at the end of Lucilla's name on the obverse). Fine-good fine/good. Accompanied by an old collection ticket. A significant coin which has been published on


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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