Lydian 006296

Lydian 006296
Lydian 'Bearded Archer' Siglos
Silver, 5.48 grams, 14.51 mm. Circa 450 - 330 B.C. Obverse: Bearded arched (The great king) kneeling right, holding bow and dagger. Reverse: Moneyer's countermark. GCV 4683. Very Fine for an early issue of Sigloi. SOLD

The kings of Persia, successors of Darius I, continued in the traditions established by that monarch, issuing gold darics and silver Sigloi for circulation in western Anatolia. The Lydian capital of Sardeis, the centre of Persian power in the area, was uncertainly the principal mint, though other cities may have assisted in the production of this enormous coinage. The kneeling archer with a punch on the reverse remained the sole type for this Persian imperial coin down to Alexander the Great's conquest in 330 B.C.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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