Maxentius Coins (306 - 312 AD)

Marcus Aurelius Valerius was son of Maximianus Hercules and Eutropia and was born in 282 AD. Maxentius caused himself to be declared Emperor in a rebellion at Rome led by three military tribunes with the backing of the Praetorian soldiers. He brought his father, Maximianus, back from retirement to re-ascend the throne and maintain him in the government of the Empire. On the orders of Galerius, Severus II marched on Rome but was forced to withdraw when the loyalty of his troops was undermined by agents of Maxentius. Maxentius now openly assumed the title of Augustus and was recognised as such by Constantine I, but in 312 AD Constantine invaded Italy across the Mont Genevre Pass, and defeated an army sent against him by Maxentius at Augusta Taurinorum. Verona, Mutina and a large part of Italy were soon in Constantine's hands. Fear of treachery, however, caused Maxentius to send his generals to meet Constantine outside Rome, himself following behind. The final battle took place at the Milvian Bridge across the Tiber. Maxentius' soldiers were driven back in confusion; their bridge of boats collapsed and thousands were drowned, including Maxentius himself.

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Maxentius 'Roma in Temple' AE Follis 020207

Maxentius 'Roma in Temple' AE Follis
Bronze, 7.40 grams, 26.27 mm. Rome. 308-310 AD. Obverse: IMP C MAXENTIVS PF AVG, laureate head right. Reverse: CONSERV-VRB SVAE, Roma seated facing, head left, in hexastyle temple, holding globe and sceptre, shield at side. The temple has knobs or Victories as acroteria, and wreath in pediment. Mintmark RBS in exergue. RIC VI Rome 210; Sear 3779. Good very fine.

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Maxentius 'Roma in Temple' AE Follis 020207

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