Maximianus 'Jupiter' Antoninianus 016953

Maximianus 'Jupiter' Antoninianus 016953
Rare Overstrike Maximianus 'Jupiter' Antoninianus
Bronze, 3.22 grams, 27.11 mm. Rome. 285-286 AD. Obverse: IMP MAXIMIANVS PF AVG, radiate and draped bust right. Reverse: IOVI CONSERVAT AVGG, Jupiter standing left, holding thunderbolt and sceptre. Mintmark XXIA in exergue. Overstruck on an earlier follis with traces of the original legend (X..O and the remains of an image at top right and in the lower right field of the reverse). RIC V-2 506; Sear 3616. Good very fine/very fine.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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