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During the Medieval period it became fashionable to use a brooch pinned at the neck as a type of medieval fastener. The brooch pin was pushed through the edge of the garment, where a gap in the hem would have been left to allow a pin to be inserted. The Medieval Brooch was of a annular form with a constriction at one point on the diameter where separate movable pin would have been hinged. Medieval Brooches were by both men and women from the 12th century but were extremely popular during the 13th and 14th centuries. Detectorist rarely find these medieval artefacts, and once found rarely part with them. Although scarce, we have a number of these beautiful medieval artefacts available for sale on this page.

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Medieval 'Crow's Foot' Annular Brooch 027678

Medieval 'Crow's Foot' Finger Ring
Copper-alloy, 10.85 grams, 38.80 mm. 14th century AD. A flat-section brooch and pin. The brooch has a broad band with incised crow's foot motifs within incised borders. There is a circular hole to accept the rectangular-section pin. Reference: Egan, G. & Pritchard, F. Dress Accessories 1150-1450, London, 2002, fig. 84. Fine condition. Provenance: found Lincolnshire, UK.

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Medieval 'Crow's Foot' Annular Brooch 027678

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