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During the Middle Ages Pilgrim Badges were the souvenirs of a medieval pilgrim's journey to a holy shrine which is why we find these medieval artifacts many miles from the medieval shrine where they originated. Pilgrim Badges were usually worn on hats or attached to clothing. Pilgrim's Badges were also believed to have amuletic properties, which could invoke the powers of the saint represented, and result in miraculous healings. Every cathedral and abbey had its own saints, which on feast days would have held a special attraction for pilgrims. It was customary for pilgrims to bring back proof of their journey or voyage. Pilgrim badges found as medieval artifacts today often show some figure or device identifying it with the name or place of pilgrimage. When the medieval pilgrims returned they proudly wore these badges fastened to their hat or cape. As well as being "proof" of having made a pilgrimage (early souvenir), they also attached special value to the badge. The reason for the pilgrimage could vary from penance or punishment to special thanks, to pray for help from a Saint etc. During the 14th century, medieval pilgrimages were not only regarded as a spiritual journey but also a form of holiday. Detectorist very rarely find these medieval artifacts. Although scarce, we have a number of these beautiful medieval artifacts available for sale on this page.

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Medieval 'Splayed Heraldic Eagle' Secular Badge 024617

Very Rare Medieval 'Splayed Heraldic Eagle' Secular Badge
Copper-alloy, 5.29 grams, 36.12 mm. Circa 12th-14th century AD. A cast copper-alloy mount in the form of a bird with wings extended. The body is cross-hatched for feather texture and the wings and tail feature vertical lines. The head is erect with curved beak. There are two circular holes beside the feet and two clenched attachment spikes to the rear. Reference: cf. bird mount in Read, B. Metal Artefacts of Antiquity, vol.1, Langport, 2001 item 67. Extremely fine condition. Provenance: found Suffolk, UK.

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Medieval 'Splayed Heraldic Eagle' Secular Badge 024617

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