Medieval Boniface IX Saint Peter and St Paul' Papal Bulla 027592

Medieval Boniface IX Saint Peter and St Paul' Papal Bulla 027592
Rare Medieval Boniface IX 'Saint Peter and St Paul' Papal Bulla
Lead, 42.15 grams. 36.12 mm. 1389-1404 AD. A cast papal bull of Boniface IX. To the obverse is the ‘SPA.SPE’ legend within a pelletted border, with two bearded busts and a cross between; to the reverse, within a pelletted border is the legend 'BONI/FATIUS:/P.P.VIIII'. Pope Bonifatius (Boniface) was born Piero Tomacelli, at Casarano in the kingdom of Naples in 1350. He was pope from 1389 until his death in 1404, while the antipope Clement VII (1378–94) continued to hold court as pope in the French city of Avignon under the protection of the French monarchy. Boniface's papacy is noted for his cautious and prudent style, regaining control of the chief castles of the Papal States. In England, the preaching of John Wyclif supported the opposition of the king and the ecclesiastical establishment to Boniface IX's granting vacant English benefices to his favourites in the Roman Curia. Papal favours were costly at this time, as the Vatican's revenues were depleted by the anti-pope. Good very fine condition. Provenance: found Dartford, Kent, UK.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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