Medieval 'Cruciform' Openwork Staff Mount 020080

Medieval 'Cruciform' Openwork Staff Mount 020080
Very Rare Medieval 'Cruciform' Staff Mount / Sword Pommel
Copper-alloy, 65 grams, 49.84 mm. 12th-13th century AD. A hollow-cast openwork finial in the form of a 'Celtic' cross. The more decorative face comprises an openwork cross within a segmented circle; a quincunx of bosses mark the centre and four cardinal points. The edge (about 15mm across) is in chevron openwork. The rear face features four V-shaped recesses forming a cross within a wheel. The rectangular-section attachment slot is pierced by a single transverse iron rivet, still in place. Due to the cross symbolism on both faces, an ecclesiastical use is suggested, possibly as the finial to a processional staff. Reference: cf. similar item in London Museum Medieval Catalogue, reprinted Ipswich, 1993, p.23 (where it is described as a sword pommel). Very fine condition, minor damage to edge. Provenance: found Norfolk, England.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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