Medieval 'Floral Cruciform' Mount 019809

Medieval 'Floral Cruciform' Mount 019809
Medieval 'Floral Cruciform' Mount
Copper-alloy, 11.04 grams, 41.87 mm. 12th-14th century AD. A lozengiform mount with an inset central panel bearing a floral design. Four elliptical arms radiate from a central blue-green enamel roundel; the horizontal ones meet the outer border at the widest points, the vertical ones meet the border where it respects the circular attachment holes. The outer zone comprises a red enamel quadrant surrounded by blue enamel fill. Reference: cf. enamelled mounts in Murawski, P. Benet's Artefacts of England and the United Kingdom, Ely, 2003, p.402 items M09-0124, 0125. Very fine condition. Provenance: found Tilbury, Essex, England.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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