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The medieval mason was not a monk but a highly skilled craftsman who combined the roles of architect, builder, craftsman, designer and engineer. Using only a set of compasses, a set-square and a staff or rope marked off in halves, thirds, and fifths, the mason was able to construct some of the most amazing structures ever built. The stone carvings offered here are Gargoyle final decorations, worked by eye, to create the fabulous and artistic features which decorated medieval ecclesiastical buildings. The Medieval Stone Gargoyles found here originally adorned medieval churches and other high status buildings.

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Medieval Stone 'Long-Haired Lady' Carved Figure 027540

Medieval 'Long-Haired Lady' Stone Carved Figure
Stone, 5.7 kg, 34 cm including stand. 15th century AD. A carved stone figure depicting a female with long hair; the face round with lentoid eyes, closed as if in sleep; the right hand brought up to the cheek; the folded robe modelled on the chest; supplied with a custom-made display stand. Fine condition. Provenance: from an old Suffolk collection.

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Medieval Stone 'Long-Haired Lady' Carved Figure 027540

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