Medieval 'Scale Tang' Knife 015423

Medieval 'Scale Tang' Knife 015423
Medieval 'Scale Tang' Knife
Iron, 25.56 grams, 180 mm. Circa 15th century AD. A hand-forged iron personal knife with gilt copper-alloy details. The blade is triangular in section, single-edged and sharply pointed. The tang is broad, pierced by three copper-alloy rivets to secure the (antler, bone or wooden?) scales. the gurad is present on one face. The hilt cap is open at the centre, hooked at one side and with groups of three incised roundels at the top and bottom of both faces. Reference: Wheeler, R.E.M. London Museum Medieval Catalogue 1940, reprinted Ipswich, 1993, item A4955. Very fine condition, repaired. Provenance: found on the Thames Foreshore at Tower Bridge, London.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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