Medieval 'Scrolled Finials' Mount 025774

Medieval 'Scrolled Finials' Mount 025774
Medieval 'Scrolled Finials' Mount
Gilt copper-alloy, 4.69 grams, 35.52 mm. 14th-16th century AD. A cast mount or terminal, square in section with split and returned ends. The upper face is gilded and the surface is ornamented with scrolled foliage detail. The lower end thickens to a trapezoidal block set at a shallow angle to the shank. Reference: cf. ornament suspension mounts in Read, B. Metal Artefacts of Antiquity, Langport, 2001 items 391, 4007. Fine condition. Provenance: Property of a Sussex gentleman; acquired in the 1990s.

This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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