Medieval 'St. Peter' Figurine 019164

Medieval 'St. Peter' Figurine 019164
Medieval ‘St. Peter’ Figurine
Silver gilt, 5.18 grams, 23.68 mm. 12th-15th century AD. A beautifully modelled figurine showing a bearded male in flowing robes. The head is surmounted by a flat circular feature, probably the halo; the arms are flexed and drawn forwards, the left holding a large rectangular object, probably a book, and the right probably a key. The draped vestments are very carefully sculpted to show the folded cloth. The gilding is present across much of the surface despite some light wear to the raised areas. The association of the halo, book and key suggest that this is a representation of St. Peter, probably a miniature figurine from a figural cross or religious monument. The naturalistic stance and modelling are more typical of the later medieval period. Reference: cf. the draped garments of the 'virgin and child enthroned' figurine dated ca. 1150 AD (p.130) and the 14th century silver-gilt saint figurine (p.99) in Robinson, J. et al. Masterpieces - Medieval Art, London, 2008. Very fine condition. Provenance: from an old Dutch collection. This antiquity is accompanied by an XRF metal test certificate from Oxford X-ray Fluorescence Ltd.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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