Medieval 'Sycamore' Turned Bowl 027339

Medieval 'Sycamore' Turned Bowl 027339
Extremely Rare Medieval 'Sycamore' Turned Bowl
Wood, 125 grams, 18.5 cm. 12th-13th century AD. A fine turned sycamore wooden bowl showing lathe and tool marks. Reference: see Museum of London Medieval Catalogue, p. 207 for comment; see Antiquaries Journal XVII (1937), p. 414-418, for further examples (Bank of England site, early 14th century). Very finely preserved and stable; very rare and exceptional. Provenance: sold in TimeLine Auctions, 9th September 2010, Lot 889 (£3450); ex Paul Moore antiquities (2000); found by David Morgan in a cesspit in association with early 13th century pottery fragments and spoon, at Wapping tube station site, mid 1980s.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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