Medieval 'Three Crowns' Strap End 016567

Medieval 'Three Crowns' Strap End 016567
Medieval 'Three Crowns' Strap End
Copper-alloy, 24.77 grams, 69.54 mm. 13th-14th century AD. A cast socketed belt-chape or strap end comprising a rectangular socket and sub-triangular finial. The socket carries incised scaphoid decoration and a transverse collar. The finial consists of three dished circles each with a crown motif reserved against a pecked background; below this is a lobed trefoil with leaf detailing. An additional leaf detail connects the right dished feature with the one below; there are traces of a similar feature on the left, lost in antiquity. Reference: London Museum Medieval Catalogue 1940, reprinted Ipswich, 1993, p.264ff. Very fine condition. Provenance: found Sittingbourne, Kent.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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