Medieval 'Trefoil' Strap Junction 024794

Medieval 'Trefoil' Strap Junction 024794
Superb Medieval 'Trefoil' Strap Junction
Copper-alloy, 8.45 grams, 38.33 mm. Circa 12th-14th century AD. A cast copper-alloy strap mount formed as a dished trefoil with strap attachment. The frame of the object is a set of three heart-shaped leaves with acorn-shaped collared knops on the outer edges, and a medial line of notching. The fourth side is formed as a curved upper edge and notched ridge below extending to a small buckle loop. Within the centre are four arms joining the leaves to a central raised knop. The leaves are dished and hollow beneath, with two slider-plates for attachment to a strap. The buckle loop is formed with a pair of knop extensions, typical of oval frame buckles of the 12th-14th centuries. Reference: Egan, G. and Pritchard, F. Dress Accessories 1150-1450, London, 2002 fig. 312-4. Extremely fine condition, complete, slight distortion to one leaf. Provenance: from an important London collection / cat.580.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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