Merovingian Frankish 'Convex' Mounts 019706

Merovingian Frankish 'Convex' Mounts 019706
Merovingian Frankish 'Convex' Mounts
Copper-alloy and gilt, 5.55 / 4.70 / 4.13 / 1.36 grams, 28.60 / 29.76 / 28.35 / 16.25 mm dia. Circa 5th-6th century AD. A set of four convex mounts: (i) a steep-sided boss with geometric decoration within a double border of gilded ropework, with two round holes close to the outer border; (ii) a low dome within a gilded pelleted border (part lost in antiquity) with two holes; (iii) a low dome within a gilded, pelleted border, with a central triskele motif and two holes close to the edge; (iv) a low dome with two holes and a central roundel. The form and placement of the holes suggest that the mounts were meant to be attached using either separate rivets or possibly sewn. Superficially, the mounts resemble the domed, collared bosses found on Merovingian period triangular belt buckles and the contemporary ‘umbo’ brooches; the rhythmic designs are also reminiscent of the decoration of Frankish disc brooches. Reference: Nice, A. Revue Archéologique de Picardie. La Nécropole Mérovingienne de Goudelancourt-lès Pierrepont (Aisne), No.Spécial 25, 2008. Very fine condition. Provenance: from an old English collection.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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