Merovingian Frankish 'Garnet Cloison' Pair of Bird Brooches 022090

Merovingian Frankish 'Garnet Cloison' Pair of Bird Brooches 022090
Extremely Rare Merovingian Frankish 'Garnet Cloison' Buckle
Silver-gilt and garnet, 5.73/5.34 grams, 34.35/34.37 mm. Circa 6th century AD. A pair of cast silver brooches in the form of stylised birds with hooked beaks and scrolled bodies. The eyes, wings and tails are formed by garnets set en cloison. On the reverse, the pin-lugs and catchplates are in place (the pins lost in antiquity). Paired bird brooches are a classic form of garment closure used by the Merovingian Franks and also found in neighbouring territories, such as Kent. The gilding is heavy and still largely present on both brooches. Although the brooches are not large, the use of substantial single garnet pieces to complete the design suggests a wealthy patron. Reference: Menghin, W. The Merovingian Period - Europe Without Borders, Berlin, 2007 items VII.10.21-24 and cf. Hammond, B. British Artefacts vol.1 - Early Anglo-Saxon, Witham, 2010 items 1.1.2-a, b. Near extremely fine condition, one wing garnet chipped and one eye garnet cracked but complete. Provenance: from an old English collection.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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