Moche Antiquities For Sale (100 - 800 AD)

The fascinating Moche period begins with the decline of the Cupisnique period at about the time of Christ. The Moche didn't conquer the Cupisnique; rather, there was a slow transition characterized by a number of developments. Ceramics, textiles and metalwork improved greatly, architectural skills allowed the construction of huge pyramids and other structures and there was enough leisure tune for art and a highly organised religion. The Moche culture, a culture that has left impressive archaeological sites and some of the most outstanding pottery to be seen, is named after the river which flows into the ocean just south of Trujillo. The word Mochica has been used interchangeably with Moche and refers to a dialect spoken in the Trujillo area at the time of the conquest, though not necessarily spoken by the Moche people. The priests and warriors were both honored and obeyed. They are the people most frequently shown in ceramics, which depict them being carried in litters wearing particularly fine jewelry or clothing. Their authority is evident from pots showing scenes of punishment, including the mutilation and death of those who dared to disobey.

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Moche 'Lizards' Stirrup Spout Vessel 010674B

Ancient Moche 'Lizards' Stirrup Spout Vessel
Pottery, 21 cm x 16 cm [8.5 x 6.5 inches]. Circa AD 400 - 550. A vessel, one of a pair with lizards eating a string of acacia groves. The straight fat legs are not realistic for the lizard family nor are the odd patternings, the net like design on the body with strips across the back and tail, provide the lizard with a clerical symbolism. They are frequent companions of the Major God Aia-Pec. These were creatures worthy of depiction perhaps because they slough their skins, a trait that makes them symbolic of regeneration. Reference: The Spirit of Ancient Peru by Rafael Larco Herrera. Very Fine condition. Provenance: from an old North American collection.

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Moche 'Lizards' Stirrup Spout Vessel 010674B

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