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The Bronze Age in the Near East is divided into the Early Bronze Age (circa. 3500 - 2000 B.C.); the Middle Bronze Age (circa.2000 - 1600 B.C.) and the Late Bronze Age (circa.1600 - 1200 B.C.). The Early Bronze Age saw the rise of urbanization into organised city states and the invention of writing. In the Middle Bronze Age movements of people partially changed the political pattern of the Near East (Amorites, Hittites, Hurrians, Hyksos and possibly the Israelites). The Late Bronze Age is characterized by competing powerful kingdoms and their vassal states (Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Hittites, Mitanni).

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Luristan Arrowhead 013234

Luristan Bronze Age 'Rectangular Ribed' Arrowhead
Copper alloy, 21.23 grams; 118.17 mm. Circa 14th - 10th century BC. Type V, subcatagory subtype C. A large triangular arrowhead with barbed shoulders; an elongated, triangular shape with barbed shoulders, convex sides, and a raised rectangular midrib. It has a rectangular-sectioned tang, ending in a wedge-shaped tip. Good very fine condition. Found Luristan. Ex old English collection.

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Luristan Arrowhead 013234

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