Nero 'Victory' AE As 026944

Nero 'Victory' AE As 026944
Excessively Rare, Unpublished Nero 'Victory' AE As
Bronze, 10.34 grams, 28.76 mm. Lyons. 65 AD. Obverse: NERO CLAV CAESAR AVG GER PM TR P IMP PP, laureate head right, globe at point of bust. Reverse: S-C, Victory flying left, holding in both hands a shield inscribed SPQR. RIC 477 var (obv legend); BMC 378 var (obv legend); WCN 574 var (obv legend). Unlisted name abbreviation, CLAV for CLAVD, for this reverse type. Good very fine. A significant coin which has been published on


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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