Netherlands Gold Double Ducat 024581

Netherlands Gold Double Ducat 024581
Scarce Type Netherlands 'Zeeland 1659' Gold Double Ducat Pendant Touch Piece
Gold, 5.96 grams, 28.32. Holland Trade Gold Double Ducat, minted since 1586. Obverse: MO AVR PROVIN CONFOE BELG.AD LEG IMP within an ornamental square tablet. Reverse: a Knight facing right standing in armor with a sword in right hand and a bundle of arrows, dividing the year of issue 1659, with Latin legand around; CONCORDIA RES PARVAE RES HOL which expands to CONCORDIA RES PARvae CREScunt HOLlandiae which translates as "Through concord little things grow - Holland" (Union is strength). KM#40 variant. Used as a pendant 'Touch Piece' for good luck and health.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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