Norman 'Zoomorphic' Swivel Mount 013905

Norman 'Zoomorphic' Swivel Mount 013905
Norman 'Zoomorphic' Swivel Mount
Copper-alloy, 11.71 grams, 35.52 mm. 11th-12th century AD. A pair of cast swivel-mount rings, each loop formed as a pair of opposed zoomorphic heads. The swivel is created from two hemispherical sections, one with a pin and the other pierced. The pin is inserted through the piercing and flattened over to trap it. There are transverse bands on the lower parts of the swivel halves. The piece is complete and still articulated. These mounts were used to strengthen the point where a leather strap had to turn freely through a wide arc. Reference: published in Hammond, B. British Artefacts Volume 3 - Late Saxon, Late Viking & Norman, p.99, item 1.13-o. Good very fine condition.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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