Octavian, later Augustus (Triumvir, Imperator, Divi Filus, Emperor from 27 BC)

Gauis Octavius was born on 23rd September 63 BC He lost his father in infancy and was bought up by his mother. His remarkable political career, which spanned almost six decades, began with his adoption as heir by his great-uncle, Julius Caesar, thus changing his name to C. Julius Caesar Octavianus. Though only 18 at the time of the Caesar’s assassination on the Ides March 44 BC, he already possessed sufficient political acumen to hold his own against his principal rival, Mark Antony, who was twenty years his senior when Octavian defeated him at the famous naval battle of Actium. The invasion of the Ptolemaic kingdom in the following year resulted in the suicides of Anthony and Cleopatra.

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Octavian (Augustus) 'Augustus on Column' Denarius 026427

Octavian (Augustus) 'Augustus on Column' Denarius
Silver, 3.47 grams, 18.96 mm. Rome. 29-27 BC. Obverse: laureate head of Augustus as Apollo Vejovis right. Reverse: IMP CAESAR, statue of Augustus standing left on a rostral column. RIC I 271; RSC 124; Sear 1559. About very fine for issue. A significant coin which has been published on wildwinds.com

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Octavian (Augustus) 'Augustus on Column' Denarius 026427

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