Orodes II 'Archer King' Drachm 024085

Orodes II 'Archer King' Drachm 024085
Scarce Orodes II 'Archer King' Drachm
Silver, 4.01 grams, 21.34 mm. Ectabana. 57-38 BC. Obverse: bust left with pointed beard, wearing diadem and griffin-ended torque; wart on forehead, star at top left, crescent above star at top right. Reverse: BASILEWS BASILEWN AP CAKOV EVERGETOV DIKAIOV EPIFANOYS FILELLHNOS, Arsaces seated right on throne, holding bow, anchor behind throne, PLT monogram to right. Sellwood 48.7-48.9; Sear 7445 var (obv. symbols). Extremely fine.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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