Pergamon 'Mysia' Cistophorus Tetradrachm 027301

Pergamon 'Mysia' Cistophorus Tetradrachm 027301
Pergamon Mysia 'Cista Mystica' Cistophorus Tetradrachm
Silver, 11.65 grams, 27.37 mm. Circa 76 BC. Obverse: Cista mystica with half-open lid, from which serpent emerges; around, wreath composed of ivy and berries. Reverse: decorated gorytos (bowcase) between two serpents, their tails tied up; on left the city monogram PER, on right a serpent-entwined thyrsus. PRY monogram and MOS above. BMC 118; see Sear 3945. Very fine.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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