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Posey rings have brief poems that express love sentiments delicately inscribed on them. Tradition has it that there is a vein running directly from the fourth finger to the heart and words touching this vein have a special power. These inscribed rings were worn as early as classical times but reached their greatest popularity historically in the 16th and 17th centuries. These poems are primarily in English or French and Latin Posey rings connect people, and especially people in love, with all those who have ever loved. Often in ancient times, these rings were given in silver as betrothal rings, and then replaced with the gold version upon marriage. All of our Posey rings are genuine and are guaranteed Centuries old as described.

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Post Medieval Victorian 'Memorial' Finger Ring 019278

Post-Medieval Victorian 'Memorial' Finger Ring
Gold, 2.27 grams, 21.15 mm. Int.dia.17.02 mm. British size M½, US 6½, European 13.41. Dated 1859 AD. An engraved, inscribed memorial ring in 18ct (Birmingham hallmarked) gold by the maker A&S. Externally the hoop bears the text IN/ME/MO/RY/OF within panels of the design; internally the text has been added in italic script: 'Sarah Croft Obt.Jany.19th 1859 aged 78'. The heart-shaped bezel with rococo decoration conceals a compartment with a hinged lid. Reference: Oman, C. British Rings 800-1914. Very fine condition, pin to hinge missing. Provenance: from an old English collection.

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Post Medieval Victorian 'Memorial' Finger Ring 019278

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