PR 011979

PR 011979
Post Medieval Silver 'Posy' Ring
Silver, 4.78 grams; 22.33 mm. Internal, 18.63 mm; US size 9, UK size R. Circa 17th century AD. A nice posy ring with a heavily hand beaten textured surface for design, most of the gilding has worn away but it is still visible within the lettering, which highlights 'LOVE AND OBAYE'. This ring was found purposely broken and straightened into a flat bar, and went through the Treasure process as such. We had the ring professionally straightened and the join repaired which does not effect any of the lettering. The outside of the ring has a very appealing hand beaten effect which means the ring was probably made by the person that originally gave the ring to his loved one. This is a truly unique item which has much original charm. Very fine condition. Found Isle of Wight and disclaimed under the treasure act.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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