PY 003262

PY 003262
Ancient Moche 'Fertility' Bottle
Blackware Pottery, 9.5 inch x 7.5 inch. Circa 50 - 750 A.D. Erotic Moche art at its best. A large ceremonial fertility bottle depicting an oral sex scene in which the woman is shown 'larger than life'. She is lying down with her head resting in a deck, eyes open with her hair back and hanging over the deck in a carved linear form. Her hands are on her breasts, just above the neck of the bottle which towers from her belly button about 4.5 inches. Her bed is finely shown with lines that curve parallel to the vessel. The woman is shown with her legs open, with the man portrayed between her legs with his hands on her knees performing a sex act. He has typical Moche features and wears a Moche mushroom hat. Extremely Fine condition and Extremely rare. Found North Coast of Peru. Ex. An old North american collection. SOLD

This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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