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Roman 'Segmented' Disc Stud 019014

Roman 'Segmented' Disc Stud
Enamel and copper-alloy, 6.02 grams, 19.22 mm. 1st-4th century AD. A thick copper-alloy stud with segmented upper face comprising six panels, three filled with red enamel and the remainder with a vitreous substance (probably enamel of a different composition which has degraded). On the rear is the stub of the fixing lug. Enamelled mounts and studs are often associated with the costume of the Roman military forces. Reference: cf. enamelled geometric studs in Appels, A. & Laycock, S. Roman Buckles & Military Fittings, Witham, 2007, item AA10.5. Very fine condition. Provenance: found Pewsey, Wiltshire, England.

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Roman 'Segmented' Disc Stud 019014

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