Roman Imperatorial Coins for sale (49 - 27 BC)

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Scipio CoinsScipio (Imperator; committed suicide 46 BC)
Gnaeus Pompeius Junior CoinsGnaeus Pompeius Junior (Executed 45 BC)
Julius Caesar CoinsJulius Caesar (Dictator from 49 BC; assassinated 44 BC)
Brutus CoinsBrutus (Proconsul and Imperator, committed suicide 42 BC)
Mark Antony CoinsMark Antony (Triumvir and Imperator, committed suicide 30 BC)
Domitius Calvinus CoinsDomitius Calvinus (Proconsul and Imperator in Spain 39 - 36 BC)
Octavian CoinsOctavian, later Augustus (Triumvir, Imperator, Divi Filus, Emperor from 27 BC)

Example of a Imperatorial coin we have sold recently:

Mark Antony 011257

Rare Mark Antony 'Octavian Issue' Silver Denarius
Silver, 3.28 grams, 18.93 mm. Circa Spring/Summer 41 BC. Obverse: M ANT IMP AVG III VIR R P C M BARBAT Q P; bare head of Mark Antony right with circular banker’s mark. Reverse: CAESAR IMP PONT III VIR R P C; bare head of Octavian right. RRC 517/1a; CRI 242; BMCRR East 98; C7; RCV 1502. Very fine-good very fine for issue.

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Mark Antony 011257

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