Roman 'Mercury' Figurine 020460

Roman 'Mercury' Figurine 020460
Roman 'Mercury' Figurine
Copper-alloy, 58.36 grams, 92.59 mm. 1st-4th century AD. A finely made statuette or devotional figurine depicting a naked male with his weight on his right leg, his right arm extended (the lower part missing), the left cradling a staff with a trefoil head. The figure's head is held erect, with his hair combed forward onto his forehead and a three-point crown above his brow. The figure stands on a rectangular pedestal with a square platform, supported by four low feet; there are traces of red enamel on the sides and platform. The figure bears a superficial resemblance to depictions of Mercury with his caduceus in his left hand, such as the Gallo-Roman example in the Carnavalet Museum, Paris; the missing right hand may have held a sack of coins. Mercury was adopted into local Gallo-Roman and Romano-British religion where statuettes of the god were used as cult objects. Reference: Green, M.J. The Gods of Roman Britain, Princes Risborough, 2003 and Ross, A. Pagan Celtic Britain, London, 1974. Very fine condition; lower right arm missing. Provenance: from an old English collection.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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