Roman 'Octagonal-Hilted Cultellus' Knife 017100

Roman 'Octagonal-Hilted Cultellus' Knife 017100
Rare Roman ‘Octagonal-Hilted Cultellus’ Knife
Iron and copper-alloy, 80 grams, 149.84 mm. 1st-4th century AD. A Roman cultellus, a culter or single-sided knife. The ferrous blade (almost 8 cm long) has a thick back narrowing sharply to an obtuse point. The hilt is octagonal in section for most of its length, with a single integral copper-alloy crossguard. The upper end of the hilt is in the form of a ridged dome. The design of the knife makes it perfect for fine control in paring and scraping. Reference: cf. the larger example from Croatia in Appels, A. & Laycock, S. Roman Buckles and Military Fittings, Witham, 2007, p.141. Very fine condition, rare to find with blade in tact and stable. Provenance: from an old English collection.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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